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Fast Fantasy Roleplaying

It's a dangerous path the adventurer treads, filled with wonders and terrors, cunning foes and enchanting mysteries. They meet incredible people, discover powerful treasure, explore extraordinary environments, make desperate sacrifices, and celebrate triumphant victories. Constant obstacles and tragedies befall them, yet they endure, overcome, and chase adventure anew.

Chasing Adventure is a fast-paced tabletop roleplaying game about daring adventurers in a dangerous fantasy world. Most players take on the roles of formidable adventurers, seeking glory, treasure, atonement, secrets, or something more. One player takes on the role of the Game Master, portraying the rest of the world and characters in it and filling the adventurer’s lives with excitement. Everyone works together to weave the narrative of this world and its people.

How will your adventure unfold?

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Hardcover Kickstarter

March 18 - April 11, 2024

All PDF and Hardcover Backers will receive a digital copy of Chasing Adventure's Full Version shortly after the campaign ends successfully.
The PDF price here is slightly discounted compared to other storefronts.

Hardcover Backers will also receive a physical book of Chasing Adventure, featuring a gloss hard cover with detailed art and quality silk paper for the interior.

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A Library of Knowledge

If you seek further information about the game, downloadable reference materials to help in play, people to play or discuss the game with, or supplemental fan-made material, look no further!

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